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The surface of choice of the London 2012 and Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, Mondotrack builds upon the success of the world-renowned Sportflex Super X, which has been the world's top track surface for more than 30 years and was an official track of eight Olympic Games through 2004.

Specifically designed for superior athletic performance, Mondotrack provides the optimum blend of energy return and comfort for both high-speed sprint events and low-speed middle and long-distance events.
It also guarantees the perfect combination of shock absorption and rebound elasticity for jump events.


It is a prefabricated synthetic rubber track surface, composed of two different layers vulcanized together. The formulation of the top layer is different from that of the bottom layer.
The vulcanization process guarantees molecular bond between the two layers.
The end result is a continuous, seamless piece of material.


The rubber-based top layer provides outstanding elasticity. The unique non-directional surface embossing, free of surface coatings and loose granules, provides greater contact area than other tracks surfaces, as well as greater water flow efficiency in rainy conditions.
As a result, slip-resistance and traction are enhanced to the point where spikes on athletes' shoes are not required to penetrate the running surface.
This boosts the athlete's performance by cutting the time and energy required for spike penetration and retraction. At the same time compression spikes will cause the track surface to deflect and recover acting like a bowstring, literally launching the athlete away from the surface and lengthening stride.

On low-speed events the greater contact area also allows for localized pressure reduction and improved foot comfort.

The unique non-directional surface texture is protected under industrial design law.


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Lateral response = Control
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Vertical compression = Comfort
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Running direction response = Performance

The bottom layer consists of an elongated honeycomb-shaped geometric construction, deformable in three dimensions, that provides the optimum blend of cushioning, energy storage and energy return, as well as the optimum reaction time, depending on the type of stress generated by the athlete.

As the athlete’s foot impacts the surface, the cell walls deform minimizing impact force and converting the maximum amount of kinetic energy into stored energy, which is released back to the athlete at the moment he leaves the surface.
At the same time, the lateral deformation of the cell walls helps reducing the time interval required to complete the rolling of the foot between the 5th metatarsus and the 1st metatarsus, while providing continuous, optimal support to the foot movement.
In this way, time on the ground is minimized, energy return is maximized and reaction time is optimized, with marked improvement in comfort and athletic performance.

The unique honeycomb-shaped backing texture is protected under industrial design law.


The product is pre-manufactured in a controlled factory environment that is unaffected by ambient conditions, and guarantees uniform thickness and technical characteristics over the entire surface of the track, resulting in constant dynamic response and absence of variable spots that might cause breaks in the running rhythm.

Consistent biomechanical response of the track surface translates to controlled stride length, improved running rhythm and balance, reduced fatigue, and overall better athletic performance and comfort.


Thanks to the innovative innovative formulation Mondotrack guarantees outstanding resistance to weathering and provides superior portection against unpredicted climate changes and the increased risk of extreme weather.


As part of Mondo’s commitment to sustainability, Mondotrack includes up to 42% of post-consumer and post-industrial recycled materials, and 6% of rapidly renewable materials.

Mondotrack is also available, on request, in a special indoor version that is specifically formulated for indoor applications, with emission of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) in compliance with the most stringent European requirements for commercial floorings.

The indoor version of Mondotrack is also fire-rated Cfl-s1 in accordance with the Euroclass system, which dictates the best safeguards in the case of fire, including minimal toxicity.




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