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Super X Training

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Sportflex Super X Training is a prefabricated sports flooring with a special closed-cell structure and uniform thickness, made from synthetic rubbers and mineral additives.
The embossed, vulcanised surface provides incredible elasticity and unparalleled duration.
The upper layer is heat-vulcanised onto the honeycomb base, with a special structure angled in the direction of running, which differentiates the biomechanical response depending on the type of stress generated by the athlete.
The bottom layer has been specially designed to boost vertical deformation giving the athlete a sense of comfort while training.

No coating or granules

Extremely maintenance friendly
On a regular basis, normal rainfall carries away the surface dirt

No resurfacing is required
No top coating to wear through or granules to wear off

Performs in all conditions

Channels water away


Provides great traction in wet conditions


UV stable

The facilities constructed with Sportflex Super X Training can be certified by IAAF.

The product is environmentally friendly and recyclable after its useful life.














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