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Modultrack Variable Banking Hydraulic Tracks




Mondo’s unique indoor banked track modular systems, first installed in 1980 at the Palazzo a Vela arena in Torino, Italy, and in the most prestigious athletic facilities worldwide ever since, are another example of Mondo’s commitment to research and design in sport.
Mondo’s indoor banked tracks can be customized to suit the customer’s building limitations. The result is a configuration that always guarantees the athletes’ smooth passage from the straightaways to the bends, and that effectively counterbalances the centrifugal force on the athletes moving along the bends in any lane and event.
This helps athletes achieve their top performances in complete safety and in a fair competitive environment.


Mondo makes the world’s only hydraulically operated variable banking track.

When required for competition or training, the track bends can be conveniently raised to the required height in a matter of minutes, at the push of a button.
However, when the curves are lowered, the synthetic surface of the track is flush with the surrounding surfaces, and the full area of the sport floor can be used for other sports or activities.

Mondo’s hydraulic tracks can be set at any intermediate position between flat and fully raised, so they can be used for a wide range of training activities and by athletes with different abilities, from younger or slower to world record holders.


Iaaf Indoor Athletic Facility Certificate Centre National Sportif et Culturel Kircheber Luxembourg 2003

Iaaf Indoor Athletic Facility Certificate Emirates Arena Glasgow UK 2012

Iaaf Indoor Athletic Facility Certificate Laugardalshollin Reykjavik Iceland 2005

Iaaf Indoor Athletic Facility Certificate Le Palombare Ancona Italy 2007

Iaaf Indoor Athletic Facility Certificate Velodromo Luis Puig Valencia Spain 2008

Iaaf Indoor Athletic Facility NIA Dublin Ireland 2017

Iaaf Indoor Athletic Facility Certificate Ocean Breeze New York Usa 2015

Iaaf Class 2 Facility Stadium Wuhan Sport Centre Athletic Stadium Wuhan 2007